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Don’t Bet on a Golden Knights Name Change in Trademark Case

Jennifer Ko Craft, a local trademark attorney for Dickinson Wright law firm has been extensively quoted in the Las Vegas Sun article, “Don’t bet on a Golden Knights name change in trademark case“. Jennifer also believes the Golden Knights have nothing to worry about. “I would be very surprised if they rule in the Army’s favor,” said Craft, who works in the law firm’s intellectual property and media department, specifically focused on sports and entertainment. “I think the hockey team has a pretty strong case.” Craft said the opposition filed by the Army is typical in her line of work. “You understand that there are a ton of teams and organizations that use black and gold, and a ton of organizations that use Knights, or even Golden Knights,” Craft said. “To say that one specific entity owns the rights to the name isn’t likely.” She said the biggest hurdle for the Army is the vast difference between the teams. “We’re talking about a hockey team versus a parachute team,” Craft said. “Because the sports themselves are so different, I just don’t see how fans would get confused. Typically sports fans are avid fans that know a lot about their team and there’s almost no way for the two to be confused.” In trademark law, there are two main claims — Infringement (which claims there can be confusion between the two) and...

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Documents show WNBA files to name team ‘Las Vegas Stars’

Jennifer Ko Craft (Member, Las Vegas) was extensively quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal article, “Documents show WNBA files to name team ‘Las Vegas Stars’”. Las Vegas’ newly relocated WNBA team will be called the Stars, as it was in San Antonio, if its application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is approved. WNBA Enterprises filed the application Oct. 14 for the rights to “Las Vegas Stars” in Class 41, which includes services for sports and entertainment.  “The fact that they filed means that’s the name they want,” said Jennifer. “We don’t know if they’ll actually get it yet, because it hasn’t been examined.” Jennifer said the application process typically takes a year. She compared the situation to that of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, whose team name was initially denied because the College of Saint Rose Golden Knights in Albany, New York, objected. The Golden Knights’ name was approved after an appeal, and Jennifer said she thinks the Stars have “a good chance overcoming that issue” if it arises.   Jennifer Ko Craft  may be reached in our Las Vegas office at 702-550-4441.  Ms. Craft is an “AV/Preeminent Attorney®” as rated by Martindale-Hubbell® member in the firm’s Intellectual Property and Media, Sports & Entertainment Departments. She practices primarily in the areas of domestic and international trademark and copyright prosecution, licensing and enforcement. Ms. Craft consults with clients...

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Hasbro Filed a Lawsuit Against DC Comics and Warner Brothers for Trademark Infringement

By: Jennifer Ko Craft On August 28, 2017, in the Southern District of New York, Hasbro filed a lawsuit against DC Comics and Warner Brothers for trademark infringement.  Hasbro owns the trademark rights in the Transformers franchise.  One of the robot characters is named Bumble Bee.  To promote the franchise, Hasbro began selling Bumble Bee toy figures in 1983 and obtained a federal registration in 2015.  Lego recently started selling a line of sets called DC Super Hero Girls, and one of the girl figures in the set is called Bumble Bee.  She’s not a robot, but apparently has super powers.  It appears that DC Comic/WB licensed to Lego the right to use the mark Bumble Bee on its toys.  Hasbro argues that DC Comic/WB infringes on its trademark rights.  Interestingly, Hasbro did not name Lego in the lawsuit, but perhaps once discovery begins they may be looped in.  In a vacuum, infringement is typically found when the marks are identical used for the same or similar goods, but, in this case, given the differences in the toys themselves and how they are presented in the marketplace, likelihood of confusion may be difficult to establish. Jennifer Ko Craft  may be reached in our Las Vegas office at 702-550-4441.  Ms. Craft is an “AV/Preeminent Attorney®” as rated by Martindale-Hubbell® member in the firm’s Intellectual Property and Media, Sports & Entertainment...

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