Case Name: Drew Technologies, Inc. v. Robert Bosch, LLC
Docket Number: 2:11-cv-15068-RHC-MAR
Date Filed: 11/16/2011
Judge: Hon. Robert H. Cleland
Status: Closed

            Drew Technologies, Inc. (“Plaintiff”) sought a declaratory judgment against Robert Bosch, LLC (“Defendant”) stating that Plaintiff did not infringe Defendant’s U.S. Patent No. 6,782,313 (“the ‘313 Patent”), entitled “Diagnostic Test Device for Motor Vehicle with Programmable Control Devices.”           

            The Defendant filed a motion to transfer the suit to the Central District of California on January 31, 2012, however, shortly after, the suit was transferred back to the Eastern District of Michigan (“E.D. Mich.”) after the California court granted a motion brought by the Plaintiff to transfer venue back to E.D. Mich. Multiple telephone conference were scheduled and held. The court and parties discussed whether it was best to consolidated this case with a related suit, Robert Bosch, LLC v. Snap-On, Inc., Case Number 12-11503. As a result, Counsel for the parties were to reach an agreement to amend the pleadings to allow the parties to pursue competing causes of action in a single case as well as prepare a proposed discovery plan and trial schedule. The court noted that once the pleadings are finalized that the court anticipates denying a pending motion as moot to reopen tes case. As such, this case is closed.