Case Name: Relume Corporation Trust et al v. Leotek Electronics USA Corp.
Docket Number: 2:12-cv-13074-AJT-MAR
Date Filed: 7/12/2012
Judge: Hon. Arthur J. Tarnow
Status: Closed

            Relume Corporation Trust, Denny Foy, Shawn Grady, and Marie Hochstein (collectively, the “Plaintiffs) filed suit against Leotek Electronics USA Corp. for patent infringement in July 2012. The patents in dispute are No. RE 42,161 entitled, “Power Supply for Light Emitting Diode Array” and No. 5,661,645 entitled “Power Supply for Light Emitting Diode Array.”  The patents generally relate to an apparatus for generating power to a light emitting diode array and in particular to operating traffic signals. While the suit was filed on July 12, 2012, the parties stipulated to dismiss the case with prejudice on January 11, 2013.