John A. Artz has over 40 years of experience in Intellectual Property, particularly specializing in patent litigation. Since coming to DW, John has worked primarily on patent litigation, although he also has continued his counseling and patent/trademark prosecution activities.

In 2016, he worked on a successful 4-week patent infringement trial against the U.S. Government (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) in the U.S. Court of Claims. Currently, he is representing the University of South Florida Research Foundation in several litigation matters.  USFRF has one of the basic patents in digital mammography with many infringers.

In 2011, he successfully represented Federal Mogul accused of patent infringement by securing a favorable Markman claim construction followed by a summary judgment of no infringement – all within a year. John also secured over a million dollar award for patent infringement in a case involving two vehicle mirror companies in the E.D.N.Y.

Before coming to Dickinson Wright in 2007 to head their patent litigation department, John represented several companies in Silicon Valley for over a decade, including Paul Allen’s secretive Interval Research in Palo Alto. He also founded Artz & Artz, an IP boutique firm which grew to 12 attorneys.  Artz & Artz represented many large companies in various fields of technology (Hughes Aircraft, GE’s cat scan/x-ray division, Ford Motor Company, Warner Lambert (now Pfizer), Boeing, as well as local favorite Warrior Lacrosse Co.  Artz & Artz never lost a case in their ten year history.  In 2000, he also successfully argued Marketing Displays, Inc. v. TrafFIX Devices, Inc. before the U.S. Supreme Court against John Roberts (now Justice Roberts) in a case involving interface between patents and trade dress rights. John won the Constitutional and Circuit conflict issues.

Overall, John has represented companies in IP cases in over 30 Federal District Courts around the country. He has been successful in numerous patent and trademark trials, sometimes for the patent owner and sometimes for the accused infringer.

Over the years, he has been successful in 18 of 20 arguments before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Further, he has been successful in 12 out of 13 reexamination proceedings over the last several years, almost all of which stemmed from various patent lawsuits.   In the trademark area, he has been successful in enforcing trademark rights in a number of Federal District Court cases, such as Supercuts v. Super Clips.  He also secured registration of the “Honey Baked” trademark through a trial in the Federal Court after the U.S. Trademark Office had refused registration on the grounds of descriptiveness.

John enjoys working with all of the attorneys and staff at Dickinson Wright. John may be reached in our Troy office at 248-433-7257 or you may email: View his bio here.